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Cleaning the face: the Korean beauty practice of Double Cleansing

To have a beautful skin you have to start with face cleansing: removing makeup is really important to keep the skin bright, free of impurities and to oppose time damages, because a skin with clogged and poorly oxygenated pores ages before, as it is very important to clean the face as a first act to start the day well.

Step 1 of the Korean Beauty Skincare consists in removing the makeup thoroughly with an oily cleanser, or in the form of a creamy balsam, which becomes milky in contact with water, cleans deeply, removes all traces of makeup in a gentle way and leaves the skin hydrated. Then you go to Step 2 with cleansing with a foamy water-based cleanser: it can be a soft foam or a creamy cleanser that is to be massaged in slightly moistened hands to produce the foam and to take away the last residues of the oily cleanser.

The double washing procedure (Double Cleansing) is done in the evening during the Night Beauty Routine: in the morning you start directly with cleansing with foamy cleanser to eliminate the treatments of the previous evening and to prepare the skin for the following treatments.