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Korean BB Creams: what they are and why we can't do without them anymore

BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm or anti-imperfection cream: legend has it that it was born in Germany for the stroke of a German chemist genius, evidently very in love with women, but it is obviously in the East, where they are light years ahead of us Europeans in terms of cosmetics, that has become a must have and ça va sans dire, has conquered the Hollywood stars. In Korea, they have perfected the formulation and various brands, over time, have competed to obtain an ever more perfect and performing cosmetic product.

In short, BB Cream is a cream that, in addition to moisturizing and smoothing the skin, contains colored pigments and therefore has the function of a foundation, or, it corrects and covers imperfections and also protects from sun rays. Lighter in the coverage of a normal foundation, it has a more fresh and natural result, the skin is still smooth, compact and with uniform color, moreover, the active ingredients contained make it a good moisturizer enough to replace (not always though!) normal day face cream in our skincare routine, maybe when you are in a hurry. Its multifunctionality precisely makes this colored cream a revolutionary cosmetic product: the BB Cream is applied quickly, conforming to the complexion and leaving our skin perfect, tidy and naturally beautiful, with a result of simple freshness. It is ideal for daily makeup and even for the more mature skin because it does not mark and does not highlight wrinkles.

Korean BB Cream