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Essence is the true revolution of Korean cosmetics, it is the Korean cosmetic of highest quality.

Korean Essence is a "water" halfway between the tonic and serum, has in itself a synergy of active ingredients, natural extracts and ferments to give the skin hydration and stimulate cell renewal. This is why Step 5 is really important: the light but rich formula of active ingredients easily penetrates leaving the skin compact and bright.

Essence increases the natural skin protection creating a barrier effect, is an excellent anti-aging and can also be used by oily or impure skin due to its watery and light consistency, it indeed helps to reduce pores and refresh reddened and sensitive skin . We can therefore say that in this product, Korean essences, is contained the "essence" of Korean cosmetics: prevention is better than cure.

It is applied by gently tapping and massaging with the palms of the hands.