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Exfoliation: prepares the skin for Korean beauty treatments

One of the fundamental parts of the Korean Beauty Skincare routine: exfoliating means eliminating dead skin cells from your face and opening pores to treatments that follow the beauty routine.

The exfoliation made with specific and not too aggressive products, in addition to thoroughly clean the skin and remove dead cells, it promotes cell renewal, reduces pores and allows the skin to better absorb subsequent treatments.

It can be done with dry skin (more exfoliating method) or with wet skin (more gentle exfoliation method), you can choose between mechanical exfoliation, such as sugar scrub or chemical exfoliation with products based on lactic, mandelic, salicylic and glycolic acid: the important thing is to do it with delicate movements, for example the scrub is good to do it with the tip of the fingertips and keeping the pressure light. Chemical exfoliation is more complex and invasive and should be done on dermatological advice

There is no need to exfoliate every day, depending on the skin type, and it can be alternated with masks based on clay or natural extracts, purifying, astringent, brightening and, in any case, always wash-off or rinsing masks.

It is not to be thought that skin with acne, impure or oily skin needs aggressive treatments or exfoliating every day ... rather the opposite: aggressively removing the sebum makes it produce the same. So the choice of scrub and purifying masks should be done carefully: gentle products, used in a delicate way and without exaggerating

Exfoliation is recommended once a week, twice at most, perhaps only at first if you have thickened skin or many dead cells.