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Korean Face Creams: Hydration and Nourishment

Moisturizing is really important, even if you have an oily skin; keeping it with the right amount of moisture is the basis for protecting and maintaining it in the best possible way.

Both in the morning routine and in the night routine it is essential to apply a Korean face cream, a lotion or an emulsion (that are lighter than cream) that protects or regenerates our skin.

In fact, you can choose different formulations of Korean face creams, always following the skin type or seasonality: dense and thick creams for drier and dehydrated skin or for the colder months; lotions, gels and emulsions for normal, combination and oily skin or for the warmer months

Once a week instead of the night cream, you can use a sleeping pack or a particularly moisturizing mask in the form of cream or gel, that should not be rinsed but massaged and absorbed during the night.

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