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Korean Face Masks: beauty treatment in total relaxation

Korean face masks (sheet mask) are easy and relaxing beauty ritual, they have become a very important element in our beauty routine, it is the moment when we take time for ourselves, a very important moment in the Korean beauty ritual, because the waiting time of mask is regenerating, not only for our skin but also for our spirit, the skin eliminates stress, purifies and regenerates itself to immediately appear brighter and healthier.

Essential in beauty rituals of Koreans (women and men), disposable face masks have become so famous because they are practical to use and highly performing:

  • The ingredients contained in the various cosmetic formulas are the best you can offer to your skin.
  • The sheet that can be cotton, tencel or hydrogel is well soaked in serum.
  • It perfectly adheres to the face contour without dripping, allowing you to not necessarily be lying down, but also to read or watch TV.

It is important to do this beauty practice in total relaxation because, as you know, stress is an ally of wrinkles and irritations and the active ingredients act better if the skin is at rest and relaxed.

Face masks of Korean beauty can be done in step 7 of Korean Beauty Skincare: this is the moment dedicated to the disposable sheet mask to choose, with active ingredients that fight our imperfection. Or you can choose to indulge in an extra pampering before an important evening to have a brighter and more compact skin and for an immediate and concrete effect.

  • There are for all tastes and all skin problems, you do not have to do them every day and so there's no excuse!

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