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Choose your Face Serum to fight the imperfections of your skin

Face Serum has a denser consistency than Essence, its formulation can be oily, in gel emulsion or in creamy emulsion, with a consistency that changes according to the different types and that in turn can affect the spreadability of the cream that we will be applied later. The Face Serum or Booster or Ampule, as they call it in Korea, has a function aimed at different skin imperfections and needs: to brighten, as anti-wrinkle, to increase cell turnover, to bring nourishment and vitamins increasing protection.

So it's important to choose the right serum that really does well to our skin and is a fundamental step in skincare routine to solve specific skin problems.

The Serum or Ampoule or Booster is to be massaged with circular movements gently touching the skin with the tip of the fingers, thus reactivating the circulation.