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Korean Skincare

Korean Skincare Routine: From Asia the ritual for the perfect skin

Millions of women in Korea and Asia do the beauty ritual known as the Korean skincare routine. It is the care of your own skin, a daily routine that you should follow twice a day. It's meant to preserve your own beauty, to give you a moment of relax and find your personal balance.

The charm of this ritual is not just poetry: it's an efficient procedure that will give you real and concret benefits to the skin, if you do it constantly everyday. You need just a few minutes every morning and evening, great perseverance and efficient products with clear results.

What is the Korean beauty skincare routine?

It's a 10-steps daily routine with specific prodcuts to use alternately during your morning or night routine.

It works. Why?

The method is easy: clean, exofoliate, every time add richer and richer active substances based on your type of skin and, finally, protect from sun's rays. Korean products are invented to create a sinergy and being used as a sequence. Also, they are full of active substances and vegetal extracts to the benefit of your skin.

The famous 10 steps of the Korean Beauty Skincare Routine

(*NOTE: it is not necessary to do all the steps daily basis)

  1. Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser
  2. Water-based Cleanser
  3. Exfoliator
  4. Toner
  5. Essence
  6. Serums e Booster
  7. SheetMask
  8. Eye Cream
  9. Moisturizer
  10. S.P.F.

Let's begin: what skin-type are you?

It is essential to identify your own type of skin because you need to know what products to buy for an efficient and personal Skincare Beauty Routine. Knowing how to combine the different products in your daily beauty routine (and how to use them) it is fundamental, if you want to get the best results. Identify your type of skin e find the product more suitable for you

Step 1: Makeup Remover and Oil Cleanser

Step 1 Skincare Routine: Struccaggio e detersione

Make-up remover & Oil Cleanser

Removing your makeup with a gentle and efficient cleanser is essential if you want a beautiful skin. Makeup Removing is the First Step of the Night Beauty Routine. You start by following the procedure called "double cleansing": to remove your makeup, use an oil cleanser; it can be liquid or solid like a balm. Massage your face, eyes and lips to break down all the particles of makeup. Now, rinse again with lukewarm water. ...more info

Step 2: Water-based Cleanser

Step 2 Skincare Routine: Detersione Schiumosa

Water-based Cleanser

Secondly, use a water-based cleanser: this is why it's called "double cleansing". The water-based can be real foam or  creamy in texture, which will foam up when you add water. Use this soft foam to massage your face; it will help to remove the debris of the oil cleanser, leaving your skin perfectly clean....know more

Step 3: The Exfoliator

Step 3 Skincare Routine: Esfoliazione

Scrub, chimical exfoliation or mechanical exfoliation. Korean women are true fans of exfoliation, that purifies pores and epidermis and controls the excess of sebum. What's important is to not overdo. Exfoliate just once or twice a week, use no-aggressive products and, especially, learn how to scrub your skin. You must be gentle and light, with upward circular motions to dissolve the exfoliating granules. ...look how to di it better

Step 4: The Toner

Step 4 Skincare Routine: Tonificare

The Toner

Forget the toner we are used to: in Korea they call it toner, skin or lotion and it's an indispensable product that not only completes your cleaning-step, but it also resets the PH of your skin. In addition to it, the toner works as an "opendoor" to the following steps of hydration and specific treatment. Indeed, the toner is rich in active substances and gives the first hydration....continue reading

Step 5: The Essence

Step 5 Skincare Routine: Essence

The Essence

The essence of the Korean beauty skincare routine: Korean women consider the essence the most important step of their beauty routine. But what is an essence? It is lighter than a serum but heftier than a toner. It is usually a mixture of active substances that reinforce your skin, increasing cell turnover. The skil will be brighter and smooth. To sum up, this product is very smart, because hydrates, soothes and reinforces the skin, even when it is oily or impure, without getting greasier....continue reading

Step 6: Ampoules, Boosters and Serums

Step 6 Skincare Routine: Sieri e Booster

Ampoules, Boosters and Serums

Now it's time to use a product that can treat your specific skin problems. Serums (or Ampoules or Boosters) have everything you are looking for. The consistency is lighter than a cream, in between a gel and an oil. It usually helps the cream to penetrate better, supporting the facial massage. There are a lot of types of serums with different active substances, that make them efficient for any kind of skin impefection. Indeed, you can find real combinations of enzymes, vitamins and vegetable extracts....continue reading

Step 7: The Sheet Mask

Step 7 Skincare Routine: Maschere in Tessuto

The Sheet Mask

This is the most relaxing step, the real soul of the Korean beauty skincare routine. You should live this moment as a moment of cuddling, preferably at night, the sheet mask is the part that combines soul and body in the Korean beauty ritual. Korean market of cosmesis really got into it, creating all different types of sheet maks in ingredients, active substances, wearability and type of material. ...continue reading

Step 8: The Eye Cream

Step 8 Skincare Routine: Contorno Occhi

The Eye Cream

These last steps are dedicated to hydration, nutrition and protection. The periocular is the mirror of your age. It's a very delicate part of the face that you must take care of. The product dedicated to the periocular (either gel or cream) should be delicate, able to reduce swelling and illuminate the skin. In addition to it, it's how you apply the eye cream: the more delicate you are, the more you get better results....continue reading

Step 9: The Moisturizer

Step 9 Skincare Routine: Idratazione

The Moisturizer

This is the step, in which you use more rich and creamy products, if you have dry skin or more nourishing and soothing, if you have greasy and sensitive skin. For the night beauty routine, it is advised to use an even more specific product, that will give your skin all the nuorishment needed....continue reading

Step 10: S.P.F.

Step 10 Skincare Routine: Protezione Solare


The last step of the morning routine is the sunscreen. It is necessary to protect your skin from sun's rays, that are one of the causes of wrinkles and stains. Indeed, apply sunscreen (with high factor of protection) is a good habit, not only to preserve the beauty of your skin, but also its health. The best you can do is to choose a light and impalpable sunscreen, that won't make you sweat and all sticky....continue reading