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Step 1: Face cleaning-make-up removing and oil-based cleaning

Make-up remover & Oil Cleanser

To have a beautiful skin you have to start by cleaning your face: removing make-up is very important to keep the skin bright, free from impurities and to oppose time damages, because a skin with clogged pores and little oxygenated ages earlier.

Step 1 of the Korean Beauty Skincare consists in thoroughly removing the makeup and cleansing the face through the practice of double cleansing.

To remove all the make-up, impurities and smog of an entire day, first of all an oily cleanser (oil cleansing) is used: it is an oil-based cleanser or in the form of a creamy balsam, that becomes milky in contact with water, cleans deeply, removes all traces of makeup in a gentle way and leaves the skin and pores fresh and clean. In Korean Skincare, it is important not only what you apply, but also how: movements must be light, done with the tip of the fingers, better if circular and with light presions in the folds of the face where dirt accumulates.

Usually, it is the step 1 that you do in the evening during the Beauty Night routine, but there are those who also do it in the morning face cleansing, to remove more thoroughly the residues of the treatments of the night before, or if you have particularly oily or impure skin. In fact, oily cleanser is advised to oily or impure skin. It is a delicate method that prevents the excessive sebum production that can occur using more aggressive and foamy cleanser.

Oil Cleansing