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Step 4: Toning

The Toner

The Toner, also called Skin in Korea, is applied between the completion of facial cleansing and the first step of hydration and is therefore a step that you should not skip

The Korean Tonic is much richer in active ingredients and natural extracts than a normal tonic, it is not just water, but a real beauty elixir and is therefore one of the fundamental steps of our beauty skincare routine, because in addition to rebalancing the pH of the skin, it is the step that initiates hydration and restores the skin's protection barriers after washing and exfoliation.

It is important to choose the one without alcohol, you can apply it with a cotton pad, maybe if the skin needs a last cleaning step, after a heavy makeup, for example, or directly with the fingertips, gently tapping it and making it absorb calmly for an even more moisturizing effect.

An extra advice: it is to be used very little, even the packs are designed not to waste the product so it lasts long