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Step 7: Maschera in tessuto

The Sheet Mask

The most relaxing and satisfying part of the Korean Beauty Skincare.

In this step you take time for yourself: sheet or hydrogel masks are the best you can offer your skin.

What are sheet masks, how are they applied and why is it a practice that depopulates in the East and that will conquer the world

There are sheet masks really for all tastes. Let's start with the material: pure cotton, cellulose or hydro gel, they are soaked in serum whose light and penetrating formulation is rich with active ingredients and natural extracts.

The sheet gradually releases within 20 minutes of reccomended holding, all the nutrients and active ingredients you have chosen to make your skin brighter, more compact, smooth and relaxed. Your skin will slowly absorb all the benefits and will be very happy.

You can do it every time your skin or your mood needs it, just choose the desired effect or what the skin needs and get comfortable: to be used to have an immediate effect, perhaps before an evening or an event, they should not be considered as an impromptu treatment, but rather inserted with a certain habit, they progressively and daily improve the appearance of the skin. It is important that the skin is perfectly clean and clear.

The product that remains on your face should not be rinsed, but massaged until absorbed, the one that is left from the package can be spread in the most rough and needy parts of our body: arms, elbows, decoltè.

Sheet Mask