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Step 8: Eye Cream

The Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is really thin and delicate and must be "handled" with care: once you have chosen the eye cream, gentle, hypoallergenic, with anti-wrinkle active ingredients, refreshing and deflating, in cream or gel, it should be gently tapped to the outermost part of the eye towards the cheekbone. The eyes cosmetic should be chosen carefully, it must be a mix of active ingredients, with rich texture and perfect absorbency, it should fight the signs of aging and brighten the look, to always have a fresh, relaxed and rested look.

For an immediate effect, to be done once a week or before an important occasion, sheet masks or eye gel patches soaked in natural extracts and active ingredients that deflate, brighten and relax wrinkles are very effective.

Be careful not to let the product into your eyes, not to rub, pull or make too rough movements, even that causes wrinkles

Eye Cream